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A Strategy for processing Discouragement

Today, I find myself experiencing a moment of discouragement. I am preparing for a move to a new place, going through my late husband’s belongings, toddler at home, family, etc,. I am thinking a lot of thoughts and it becomes necessary to take out my coaching tools and process emotions.

This week, I have decided to talk about discouragement; an emotion that many of us avoid processing.

However, this “monster” is not as bad as it seems.

Our emotions are very important in our lives; all our actions or behaviors are driven by our feelings.

According to a definition I found on the internet; discouragement is “ a feeling of hopelessness and pessimism that arises when we face certain obstacles”.

WOW! Who would want to feel like this?

Just reading this definition creates discomfort!

However, what you feel in your body is not the definition, and this is very important, what you feel in your body is a vibration.

Emotions or feelings are manifested in our body through vibrations.

And each vibration varies depending on the individual who is experiencing it.

Here is the description of my "discouragement". To do so, I found a quiet place. I closed my eyes, and allowed the vibration flow throughout my body.

“It was a vibration on my forehead. Its shape was rectangular. It was causing a lot of pressure on my forehead. Its color was pink and it became intense the more I was thinking the thought "I'm failing". I felt everything spinning around me, while the vibration stayed in the same place. My whole body felt tired. The size of the rectangular block was the same as my forehead and its texture was like concrete material: like a brick. I felt like going to sleep and at the same time the vibration disappeared.”

I spent around two minutes processing the emotion, and feeling released. The only difficult part for me was to start.

I invite you to challenge yourself and identify the emotion that you experience the most.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself,

Where is the vibration in your body?

What is the speed?

What is the shape?

What is the color?

What is the texture?

What is the rhythm?

What is the size?

Write about this feeling or vibration, and tell me how you feel afterwards.

Happy week

With love,


Life coach and widowed mom

PS: If you are navigating grief and want more guidance on how to process emotions (sadness, anger or denial); I invite you to schedule a free coaching session.

You are the creator of your destiny, do not let grief define you.

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