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Christmas gifts

This morning as I was checking my facebook, I came across one post that made me feel so excited. A husband wanted a personal trainer for his Christmas present, so his wife posted on a Facebook mom group for advice on where to find a good personal trainer.

I felt so connected with this post because sometimes the best gifts are not seen under the Christmas tree.

Losing my husband was hard and I experienced a lot of sadness, anger, resentment and fear for the future as a solo parent. Therefore, finding help with the coaching for widowed moms and my personal trainer have been one of the best investments of my life.

This Christmas, I invite you to give yourself the help/ mentor/ support that you want.

If you feel that the waves of grief are intense/ acute, hire a coach.

If you need guidance with your workouts, hire a personal trainer.

If you are struggling with finances, school, learning a language, hire a qualified person on the subject.

There are services that are worth pay for the lifetime benefit.

PD: Join my course for widowed moms and learn tools to “Navigate your grief”. Next cohort starts in January.

Merry Christmas widowed to y'all.