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Flexible Thinking

I love Halloween. I love to think that people get to highlight any side of their personality. Last night, I got to highlight my cute and attractive side with a police officer costume. I honestly didn't choose this costume, but many things happened and I ended up wearing that one.

I planned myself for this Halloween night ahead of time. I booked a babysitter, bought costumes and accessories the day before, and planned to meet at my place to do carpooling with friends. However, things happen and not everything comes out the way you want. And this is when you allow your brain to be flexible and adapt to the situations.

My friends and I were supposed to start bar crawling around 5:30 pm. An hour before that, I was still thinking of returning my skeleton costume because the suit was too large for me. I didn't try it on at the store. While thinking about what to do with the costume, I went ahead and started curling my hair. While doing so, one of my friends arrived bringing with her a police officer extra costume. She wasn't sure she was wearing it, and we just agreed that one was for me.

In the meantime, I received a phone call from my babysitter whose car had broken 10 min away from my place. For a few seconds, I felt devastated, and fall into a state of disappointment, and I just allowed it to happen. I didn't resist my emotions, and while they were happening in my body, I suggested that I drive my car to her and keep it while she figures it out. Of course, my son was gonna be with her. She agreed and called a tow truck in the meantime.

In addition to that, my other friends texted they were late, so my immediate thought was “that works” I could use the time to drive to my babysitter. The friend that was at home with me drove behind me and we decided to arrive at the place to start bar crawling.

We made it!

The event was incredibly organized and I enjoyed seeing the costumes and taking pictures with people. I also got to dance reggaeton music and sang out loud in Spanish. I felt like I was in pieces of many movies/shows. I think some people do an incredible job with Halloween and I feel so excited to have taken part in it.

In conclusion, I learned that I can..

Think big and act small

Try costumes/clothes at the store before buying them.

Have a contingent plan for babysitter

Plan extra time for hair, makeup, driving and parking

Losing a husband is hard and still we've got this!

Ps 1: big thanks to my friends. Y'all rock, guys!

Ps 2: Join my coaching practice and start feeling good with your identity as a widowed mom.

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