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My top three feelings about being a solo parent

All our actions are the result of our emotions. And each emotion is the result of a thought. Not being aware of my feelings can be detrimental for living an intentional life. Recently, I realized that being a solo parent triggers a lot of emotions in myself. And don't get me wrong, I deeply love my decision of becoming a mom.

However, I noticed that there were three emotions that I was experiencing quite often; frustration, anxiety, and fear. The interesting part is that parenting based on these emotions was taking me to stagnation (lack of activity, growth, or development). Honestly, I just can't imagine spending my life raising a child from feelings like frustration, anxiety and fear.

What a waste of life!!

Instead, what I have allowed myself to do is to process these emotions.


By stepping away from my son before reacting. I allow my body to feel these vibrations. Yes, emotions are vibrations in your body. You can feel them. They are harmless.

My son is at an age of curiosity, exploration and learning, so I am choosing to show up in a way that can align with our needs. I am choosing excitement, self-confidence, and determination. I think that raising a child as a solo parent is a hard job and these emotions will take me to my goal “enjoy this stage of motherhood”.

Eventually, my conscious emotions will change as he will grow old and his needs will change, too.

I assure you that the conscious choice of emotions will change the way you see parenting or anything in your life.

We are allowed to change our emotions, and behaviors at any time. We don't need to get permission from anyone.

Just grant yourself permission.

This week, my invitation for you is to

  1. Write your top three emotions about ______(being a solo parent, or being single,

a divorced parent, a widow, etc).

2. Write your thoughts connected to these emotions. Then, ask yourself if those emotions help you to create the life that you want.

If so, keep them.

If not, choose the ones that you want and practice!!!

We still have time to show up in a conscious way.

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