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People don't understand

One of the most common beliefs/ thoughts that I coach widows on is,

“Most people don't understand what we (widows) are going through”

And the truth is that "NO, they DON'T".

It is a fact. People can't understand what they haven't experienced themselves. That is why it is hard to truly embrace the concept of “putting on someone’s else shoes”.

A wife grieves the death of her spouse differently,

Parents grieve the death of their son in a different way,

Siblings grieve the death of their brother differently,

And all their grieving experiences are valid and ok.

This week I invite you to look both ways; as the widow and as the person shows empathy for those who haven't experienced the loss of a spouse. Brené Brown describes empathy as an attraction force that brings people together.

Believe that others don't know your emotions and more importantly believe yourself that you are feeling grieving emotions.

Maybe, it is ok that people don't know what we are going through and maybe it is a good reason to share more about our grieving journey.

You decide

Ps 1: I added this picture of how my grief looks like on my chest; cosmic.

Ps2: Join my course and I teach you the tools to navigate your grief, and feel good with it.

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