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Such strength and such power

Last week while doing my workout routine with my virtual trainer, I listened to him saying the following phrase to one of his clients (a guy who was lifting weights);

“ such strength and such power”

As you know, this life coach is a human (I experience emotions all the time!) and I felt jealous. I wanted to hear some motivating words like he told the guy at that moment. And it didn't happen.

However, instead of pausing myself for a moment to experience jealousy (checking into my body for the vibration), I fall into a comparison mode. I compared my strength to the guy’s strength. I thought “I am not doing this right ” and I felt incredibly discouraged. Consequently, I went from comparison to annoyance.

I was thinking about not getting the same feedback. I felt sad and unable to finish the workout. All I wanted was to stop exercising and go home. I was causing myself a lot of unnecessary suffering.

According to Brené Brown an American psychologist and researcher; “when we compare ourselves we take the fun out of everything” I think even life itself.

And I knew I was not close to finishing the workout. So, I intentionally remember my tools from coaching; “ everything starts with what we think”. I wanted to generate emotions to feel motivated and to encourage myself.

So, I told myself

“Such strength and such power, Elizabeth".

I brought up examples of things that I do that take a lot of strength and power. And I would like to share them with you.

It takes a lot of strength and power to organize the day-to-day life of a widow, a solo parent, an immigrant (immediate family is in another country) and still find time to go to the gym.

It takes a lot of strength and power to be consistent with the development of personal and professional projects, even when results are seen in the future. I keep trying every day.

It takes a lot of strength and power to get out of our comfort zone. Decision making has been key to my success.

It takes a lot of strength and power to process emotions. I want to heal, so I am not inflicting any pain on those who I love.

Yes, I am one of the strongest and most powerful people I know. I want to remind myself of this and take a break if needed.

This week I invite you to become your #1 fan. Remember the things you do that reflect how strong and powerful you are.

By the way, I was able to finish my routine with a lot of energy and other projects.

Ps: I am a life coach and widowed mom. I help women navigate grief while enjoying the next chapter of their lives.

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