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Ten things I love about being a widowed mom

In 2018, my husband passed away at the age of 43. Although I think that becoming a widowed mom has been very difficult, I consider that there are many things that I love about being in this situation. I have taught myself to be out of the “longing” emotion.


Because when we waste energy on wishing “how things would have been”; we miss out on the opportunity to live in the present.

I have understood that I no longer have to recover from grief. On the contrary, I have discovered many things that I “love” about this circumstance.

Here is the list of 10 things I love about being a widow. They are not in a specific order.

1. I love to remember love. I love to talk about memories made of my late husband; look at our photos and think that "we did so many things together".

2. I love blogging about my grief journey. I find a lot of peace in reflecting on my life as a widowed mom and human being.

3. I love loving my son. He was born a month before his father passed away. And I love to think that it was a gift that dad left to me. I really enjoy bringing out my inner child and having fun with him.

4. I love to travel and explore the world. My late husband travels in spirit. And we only pay for two tickets.

5. I love spending time with my mom, family and my best friends. Being a widowed mom has helped me appreciate my relationship with my unconditional people. I love when I can feel any emotion around them and allow myself to be myself.

6. I love to take control over my mind. Especially when my brain offers me thoughts like “I am by myself”; “I have no help”. I just laugh at them!

7. I love that I still have "favorite hobbies" even if they involve going by myself. I don't have to stop doing what I love just because I am not married anymore.

8. I love creating content on the subject of grief, death, single moms, and "awkward" topics.

9. I love my desire not to give up life, love and humanity. I deeply enjoy my work as a life coach, offering perspective, asking questions, and helping people achieve their goals.

10. I love doing difficult things as a widow, a mother, a life coach, an entrepreneur, a friend, a daughter, and above all as a woman.

I hope you will also try this exercise; find things you like about your current situation, and don't miss out on the opportunity to live your life to the fullest.

What things do you love about your current circumstance or life?

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