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Ten things I love about being a widowed mom

In 2018, my husband passed away at the age of 43. Although I think that becoming a widowed mom has been very difficult, I consider that there are many things that I love about being in this situation. I have taught myself to be out of the “longing” emotion.


Because when we waste energy on wishing “how things would have been”; we miss out on the opportunity to live in the present.

I have understood that I no longer have to recover from grief. On the contrary, I have discovered many things that I “love” about this circumstance.

Here is the list of 10 things I love about being a widow. They are not in a specific order.

1. I love to remember love. I love to talk about memories made of my late husband; look at our photos and think that "we did so many things together".

2. I love blogging about my grief journey. I find a lot of peace in reflecting on my life as a widowed mom and human being.

3. I love loving my son. He was born a month before his father passed away. And I love to think that it was a gift that dad left to me. I really enjoy bringing out my inner child and having fun with him.

4. I love to travel and explore the world. My late husband travels in spirit. And we only pay for two tickets.

5. I love spending time with my mom, family and my best friends. Being a widowed mom has helped me appreciate my relationship with my unconditional people. I love when I can feel any emotion around them and allow myself to be myself.

6. I love to take control over my mind. Especially when my brain offers me thoughts like “I am by myself”; “I have no help”. I just laugh at them!

7. I love that I still have "favorite hobbies" even if they involve going by myself. I don't have to stop doing what I love just because I am not married anymore.

8. I love creating content on the subject of grief, death, single moms, and "awkward" topics.

9. I love my desire not to give up life, love and humanity. I deeply enjoy my work as a life coach, offering perspective, asking questions, and helping people achieve their goals.