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Widowed mom traveling

Two weeks ago, I decided to take some vacation time for myself and my son. We went on an amazing cruise around the south of the Caribbean.

We spent nine incredible days, some at sea and others in Haiti, Curacao and Aruba.

The service was impeccable, the staff was super friendly, thoughtful and loving. I enjoyed being called by my name and finding my bed done twice a day (That's what I consider a treat).

My son loved the whole ship; the pools, game rooms and of course the kids zone. They have daycare for kids so I could drop him off at certain times of the day (10 pm was the late time) and enjoyed some solo time.

I think it was just perfect for me because I have learned to block and protect personal daily time.

The restaurants served varied and tasty dishes. So, we got to eat a lot. And of course, we got to meet people. Sometimes, I will share about me being a widowed mom and sometimes I keep it to myself.

Therefore, those people that didn't get to know my story; wonder. I wished I had kept records of the number of times people commented on the number of travelers in my family.

I was asked several times “is it only the two of you?; only the two of you are traveling?”

The first couple of days, I didn't have any thoughts about this question, but eventually, I started to be curious about it.

One time at the main dining room (the restaurant displays glasses, nice silverware), my son and I were having dinner and one staff member came to our table and made a comment about us being on a date. I remained quiet and curious about the stories that people come up with, and just allowed people to imagine.

The truth is that I came home feeling astonished at myself. The thoughts about my inadequacy about doing things with a young child seem to not upset me as they used to. The main reason has to do with my self-coaching. I used to think of myself as a lonely, scared, sad and helpless woman. And I am making decisions, traveling with my son, working on my coaching business and especially figuring out my life.

This week, I invite you to take a look at your unconscious story.

Now that you have become a widowed mom, what things are you telling yourself you aren't capable of doing?

Who gets to decide whether to do them or not?

PS: Coaching is fun, do it. Join my next course and learn tools to “navigate your grief”. Next cohort starts in January.

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