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Adventures of a foreign, widowed mom

Sometimes I love the memories in this Casita. Sometimes I hate them. I remembered the first time I stepped in Casita. It was the beginning of September and I had just moved from Colombia and I was sleeping at a coworker's living room for a week. I was very tired, overwhelmed and stressed out about the changes in my life (just to name a few: understanding the southern English accent, adapting and learning about the school, students and customs, driving, buying a car for the first time, being on my own, etc). I decided it was time to settle down and organize myself.

I had already contacted this guy who had a bedroom close to the area where I was working. I didn't want to go to his place because I was scared of living with a guy. However, I couldn't find anyone from my country to live with. So, I emailed him and asked about the availability of the bedroom. And he said it was still available. He gave me the address and I asked a coworker to go with me to see the place.

I remember driving through the neighborhood and seen such beautiful and big homes. My coworker even asked me if I had copy the correct address on the GPS. I doubted myself and still told her that I typed exactly what he had emailed me. We arrived at such an amazing place and he opened the door. He was expected me. My first impression of him was that he was a nice guy. We shook hands and I recalled my cold hands. I was scared of my safety living with a "guy", but I also was curious about the new place. He invited us in and showed us the bedroom. It was

HUGE compared to my bedroom in Colombia. And I immediately accepted to move in the next day.

The next day I moved in. I had all my life packed in two suitcases and a backpack. I remember him asking me about other things that he could help me bring in and I realized I didn't have much. The bedroom was impecable and well-furnished. The Casita was beautiful. The floors were shining and it still had the smell of a new home. I felt overwhelmed and in disbelieved; a day before I was sleeping on a couch.

My arrival was not supposed to be that way. I expected to find a Colombian roommate, rent an apartment, and feel confortable. However, it was not how it happened.... It was WAY better than I ever imagined.

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